$1,100+ in Amex Platinum Credits | Best Credit Card For 2021

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2021 means the end of benefits on the American Express Platinum Card like streaming (bye to my YouTube Premium account) and call phone credits. But with the new year, comes new offers and benefits like a $180 PayPal credit, $150 Home Chef credit, $100 Best Buy credit, and complimentary 1 year of Blinkist Premium (valued at $100)!

0:00 Welcome Back!
0:43 $180 for Paypal
1:12 Home Chef, Best Buy, & Home Depot
2:30 Paypal Credit with Offers (i.e. Best Buy)?
3:33 Rakuten + Offers
4:36 $100 for Blinkist
4:56 $50 for Scribd
5:15 Credit Totals
6:15 Amex Referral Link

I know a lot of people worry whether a “travel” credit card such as the Amex Platinum is worth it especially since it’s a premium credit card at $550 a year. American Express is making sure that their cardholders feel valued.

I even go over if you can stack multiple credits on top of each other for savings, and how I was able to make a profit from using additional cash back plugins like Rakuten.

Compared to other card issuers like Chase, Navy Fed, and US Bank, Amex has been listening to the needs of their cardholders during this time, and truly ranks as the best credit card for 2021.

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$20 Rakuten Credit After Spending $20
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More on the..
PayPal Credit

Blinkist Premium Credit

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  1. GamerTrading говорит

    3:52 WOW! You literally MADE $9 dollars after saving $60 dollars from a purchase. That’s freaking awesome!! Thank you for this info!

    1. Following Maria говорит

      It came in clutch + it’s 6 free meals!!

    2. GamerTrading говорит

      I should look into rakuten!

  2. Following Maria говорит

    What credit are you most excited about?

    It’s the free food perk for me.

    1. Following Maria говорит

      @Angel Flores Good picks!! I miss those Delano rooms & definitely book a dinner at Lago for the fountain view 🤩

    2. Angel Flores говорит

      Looking forward to the FHR perks headed to Vegas Sunday. Staying at the bellagio and Delano.

  3. Kristen and Sam говорит

    Hey Maria! How would I know if I am qualified for the Paypal credit? Would it tell me somewhere on my amex account? I know that I can’t get the home depot or the best buy because I opened the card in December

    1. Following Maria говорит

      @Kristen and Sam Thank you!! 🙏🏽

    2. Kristen and Sam говорит

      @Following Maria thanks so much! Your videos are so helpful! Keep doing these!

    3. Following Maria говорит

      All Platinum & Black card holders qualify for the PayPal credit! As long as you’re paying directly to a store through PayPal and using the Platinum or Black card as the payment, you’re good!

      I linked the PayPal FAQs in the description, too 😊

  4. Angel Flores говорит

    Maria in the video homedepot and best buy. You have to have the offer activated. If you do not have it on offers and activated then no go.

    1. Following Maria говорит


  5. J Scottie говорит

    Your smile is amazing!!!

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