How to get 14 Day Free Trial August 2020 No Credit Card [New Method]

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Playstation sign up:

Playstation sign in :

Credit Card generator :

Step 1: make a UAE account like I did in the video

step 2: go to payment management , choose debit/credit card then open the credit card generator and enter 539999 in the BIN and press generate

step 3: copy the card number, month,year and cvv and paste in the playstation website

step 4: press next, and the adress city and state with anything then press save

step 5: go on your playstation and sign in to the account then go to ps plus and choose 14 days trial and proceed to checkout.

35 Комментарии
  1. Very Cool говорит

    The bin number is not patched but there is a very small chance for it to work so you just gotta keep using the live credit cards until it works

    1. DanLe говорит

      Doesnt work I tried 20 cards

  2. Pablo 2107 говорит

    Can someone create a account for me? It’s so frustrating not being able to play

    1. shapz rackz говорит

      I’ll sell you one if you pay me £1 on paypal

  3. Dyon Marianne говорит

    Doesn’t work it’s patched

  4. LxooSnowFR говорит

    It’s patched ! 😩

  5. Satr Lailk говорит

    Thank you bro!!!!!

    1. ROJHAT Kilinc говорит

      bro please if works can you do a account for me? please

  6. Yahya Bk говорит

    Doesn’t work patched

  7. Maquza Lu говорит

    Dis Don’t work, stop posting outdated methods. this is click bait

    1. B L говорит

      Maquza Lu it was recently pached

  8. Ot 21 говорит

    It dont work.

  9. Jhon Calisto говорит

    who have the bin 49… for UAH?

  10. Honas Padar говорит

    Can some one create an acc for me please?

  11. coldy frosty говорит

    How to know name?

  12. Msjxhjsjwjs Xbjsns говорит

    It says please check the credit card info and try again when you do the address line

    1. Msjxhjsjwjs Xbjsns говорит

      Do I verify the account or no?

    2. Takasumi говорит

      Try another credit card

  13. itsmeyaxx говорит

    it dosent work for me

  14. Mmd Msdf говорит

    This bin not working anymore

  15. Priest Dorsey говорит

    Bro can u make 1 for me cause it’s not working

  16. Ali Olleik говорит

    Dors that still work? I was trying the 53999 code yesterday it was patched

    1. Takasumi говорит

      The bin is 539999

    2. Takasumi говорит

      Still works

    3. edgsdg dsgsdg говорит


  17. Split говорит

    How to get ban 😂😂😂

  18. MID9ight03 говорит

    Thats worked thank you

    1. ROJHAT Kilinc говорит

      please can you do a account for me please. i cant please

  19. Jhon Calisto говорит


    1. Seyidaga Kazimli говорит

      @Jhon Calisto I checked and it didn’t work😔😔 but i have 2 accounts

    2. Jhon Calisto говорит

      You should try now @Seyidaga Kazimli

    3. P3P4J говорит

      King Ragnar Lothbrok do you know a method that works?

    4. King Ragnar Lothbrok говорит

      @P3P4J yes it doesn’t work

    5. P3P4J говорит

      Seyidaga Kazimli it doesnt work

  20. KING22773 говорит

    I got the account thx man

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