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33 Комментарии
  1. Buffie Lorah говорит

    ASICS are great sneakers… that other pair is yuckkkk. Lol

  2. Steph L Southern говорит

    Hey Andrea, loved the dress and the ted shirt! They are pricey with a lot of there stuff!!❤️🤟

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Yes they are!

  3. Buffie Lorah говорит

    I love the red top. The dress is beautiful on you, but if its not going to be worn not worth it.

  4. Lisa Riddle говорит

    Holy cow! 98.00 bucks? Lawd have mercy….

  5. Erin Kensick говорит

    That black dress was 🔥🔥🔥 on you!! Do it!! It was your bday, get a nice( expensive)gift for yourself 😉 always good to have a go-to black dress in your closet, and that one you could style in so many different ways to make it look different evrey time. The navy blouse looked really nice on you, too bad it didnt fit right. The last red shirt very pretty and good price too

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      That is true about the black dress being needed. I don’t have one.

  6. Gina G говорит

    The dress looked amazing on you and I also liked the red top too!

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Thx gina

  7. Trina Davis говорит

    Shirt. I actually bought the Liverpool jeans and ❤️ them! Thanks for sharing your trunk.

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      I went at looked at my other black pants (the stinky ones ) and they were Liverpool too. Lol!! Not leggings like these though but very very similar

  8. Life Unboxed говорит

    The dress is so very cute!! I’m a nurse so I know exactly what you mean, built for comfort for a long day on the floor, 12 hours!! The blue capris are nice for 90$. ? Yikes!! Not a fan of the blue blouse or the white shirt. The red shirt is really pretty too bad there is no stretch to it. The last shirt was really Pretty on you, good job!

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Thx for your feedback !! 💕

  9. Charlene Cress говорит

    I love that red shirt on you.

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Thx so much!

  10. Isabel Arce говорит

    This red blouse looks great on you like I said already! 👍🏼

  11. Debbie M говорит

    As usual, everything looked nice on you. Asics is a great shoe. Did you try them on?

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      I didn’t. I need to. Thx for reminding me!!

  12. Lisa Riddle говорит

    The last red shirt 👍

  13. Crystalammj Z говорит

    Oh gosh I hope you like the shoes. I know you’ve been wanting some for months

  14. Lois Casey говорит

    Love the dress. The sleeves and the hem. The lace is called Battenberg
    The only item that I thought you would buy is the red top.

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Yeah you are likely right. I do love the dress though. Wish is was cheaper

  15. Lisa Riddle говорит

    Girl the sounds you make kill me…. LOL That blouse from my view looks like tiny little slices of bacon on it 🤣😂🤣😂

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит


  16. Josette Tharp говорит

    Oh the last red shirt on you & reasonable priced especially for Nordstrom’s that DRESS looked beautiful on you but only if you were going to a special function , Ive paid $100+ for a dress ,but was a sil wedding & then a funeral …but rhat last red top ,i would purchase ….do u have TJ max ,Marshall’s, Ross or Burlington coat Factory near you ?
    As i use to find really nice high end tops etc there …
    But still loves the last pretty red top.
    Let us know what u picked.
    Hugs from Texas XOXO 💜 💜 💜 💜

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Yes I have some of those stores. I am def getting the red shirt. Still debating about the dress

  17. Angie Kalmijn говорит

    Love the last top in you. I got the same top in blue and it’s gorgeous as well. The black dress was super flattering on you as well.

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Thx Angie!! I bet the blue is beautiful

  18. Tina's Ramblings говорит

    Love the dress and Liverpool pants on you but wow pricey! The red keyhole top looks nice on you too!

  19. Crystalammj Z говорит

    OMG 🤣🤣🤣 👖🐍

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит


  20. Crystalammj Z говорит

    I can’t help. I think you look gorgeous in everything

    1. Arkansas Gals говорит

      Awe you’re so sweet!!

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