My MOST Useful Credit Card Of 2020 (Explained)

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In this video we discuss why the American Express Platinum card is my most valuable card in 2020.
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▪ Amex Platinum Referral 👉
▪ Amex Business Platinum Referral 👉
▪ Free Gift With Acorns 👉
▪ $10 With Ebates 👉
▪$15 Off Mint Mobile 👉

Key Benefits:

1. $50 back after shopping at small businesses
2. 4% APR for 12 months offer
3. Streaming Service Credits ( Free Netflix, Spotify, YT premium, OnlyFans, Audible)
4. $20 Statement Credit on Wireless Telephone Services
5. Uber Cash for UberEats Orders every month
6. Saks 5th Avenue benefit ( $100 annually)
7. 5 Star Customer Support always comes in handy
8. Purchase protection — Extended warranty for bigger purchases, for example, the new Canon EOS R5

1. High Annual Fee
2. Airline Incidental Fee Credit
3. Poor Cash Back Earning Categories

Comment down below what your most useful card of 2020 is.

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  1. Nate O'Brien говорит

    Sick edits!

    1. Brian Jung говорит

      Nate! Trying to keep up with you bro

  2. Soy Saucey говорит

    “Free onlyfans” in the description 😂

  3. Casey Burns Investing говорит

    About to get that baby for free when I go on deployment. 😉 🤫

    1. Stephen Csoma говорит

      As you should for serving

    2. Drewnard Woods говорит

      use my referral code bro

    3. Selina Hicks говорит

      @Brian Jung how can I get a credit card in Australia with very low credit score

    4. Brian Jung говорит

      Its an essential bro

  4. darealphantom говорит

    I can’t wait until my credit is good enough to get the gold and platinum 🙏🏾

    1. darealphantom говорит

      @Ron Grizzley thank you I definitely will

    2. Ron Grizzley говорит

      Keep Grinding you’ll get there

  5. Rennison Abraham говорит

    Brian, I recently got a Charles Schwab Platinum card, thanks for your videos man you really helped me get to where I’m at on this credit Journey. I started 7 months ago.

  6. Sam Wolday говорит

    The Gold card gives you big points for everyday purchases. The platinum is cool but I feel you can only use it to its potential if you spend and travel a lot.

  7. The Absolute Family говорит

    Got denied for the Amex gold like 3 times with a 739 😂

    1. Blake Nau говорит

      I have a lot hard credit pulls(9 in 2 years) and just got the chase sapphire preferred… my score is 760 would you recommend me apply for the amex platinum? Explain

    2. Mo Mo говорит

      What reason did they give for denial?

  8. Mark Plymale говорит

    Yessir! My vanilla and Schwab platinums are paying for themselves with all these extra credits

  9. Aytac Boduroglu говорит

    Ive had mint for like a year, they’re great for the price.

  10. Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills говорит

    Those speed ramp cuts in the beginning 🔥

    1. Brian Jung говорит


  11. Jackson Tucker говорит

    dang i remember when you were at 20 K subs. look at you! keep it up!

    1. Brian Jung говорит

      @CastrejonHDTV Thanks guys!

    2. CastrejonHDTV говорит

      I was here at 5k subs.

  12. Dead Talk Live говорит

    Very interesting clip ♥! As a fellow YouTuber, I am always looking for new ideas! Excellent Job!

  13. J. Ward говорит

    I just got approved for the platinum today! I have the gold card as my everyday card. With the holidays coming up, it won’t be hard to meet the 5k minimum.

  14. Craig Radala говорит

    I’m curious, what kind of credit score do you need for this card?

  15. Ryan Chang - Financially Fashionable говорит

    MoCo represent! I see that clip of The Block too 👀

  16. AlexTheGoat говорит

    if I apply now for the platinum card do I get do statements for the steaming service for the months I missed?

  17. Ben Brengman говорит

    With the small business shopping I signed up with my Amex Platinum and then I also got the same offer with my Amex Wells Fargo Propel. It also let me sign up for it. I know you can sign up with only one Amex branded card but it seems to allow you to sign up with different branded and a Amex branded card.

  18. Mohammed Uddin говорит

    Had to flex that Aqua Di Gio real quick 😂

  19. Russell Cruz говорит

    Thanks for always sharing the best advice! After 2 years of having the Platinum, this year I’ve been forgetting to take advantage of the benefits 😅

  20. Octavio Gut говорит

    Im on the path on getting them heheh

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